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Month: April 2020

Why I’m using this time to Base Build for Autumn Marathons

I recently listened to Shalane Flanagan on the ‘For the Long Run’ podcast talking about using this opportunity to ‘stuff the silo’ – and whilst I had to google what that phrase actually meant, I understood what her intentions were. She was talking about how important a great base was for her Bowerman Track Club […]

100 Book Recommendations To Read During Lockdown

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m currently consuming TOO MUCH media right now which is adding to my anxiety at the moment. Whilst I think it’s important to stay on top of the news, I want a bit of an escape too. I asked on my Instagram for you to share […]

Subscription Services I’m Loving During Lockdown

Hands up if you’ve successfully locked in an online supermarket delivery slot? If your hand is currently raised, you’re doing better than me. After sitting in the Ocado queue for 2+hrs, only for the website to crash when I finally got to number 1…(and trying other websites too whilst Tom and I were in our […]

Working on the frontline…What Allied Health Professionals are doing in the Response to Coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses are often the main people we think of when it comes to those treating COVID-19 patients. I work with some incredible doctors and nurses, alongside a number of other healthcare professionals on the wards. There are Health Care Assistants (HCA’s), physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech & language therapists, psychologists, palliative care teams, dietitians, […]

Stress Eating: How Food Affects our Mood & Mental Health

Last month I recorded a podcast talking about Stress Eating, and the effect of food on mood and mental health with Tanya Kumar. Obviously some of the things we discussed, like going out for pizza with friends and office snacks (for most people), are not relevant currently, however the advice given can translate to our […]

What Is a Community Health Worker? A Closer Look at This Rewarding Role

It’s always been important to you that people know what options they have in life. You’ve always cared about healthy living and are passionate about promoting it to others. You see the big picture and always know where to turn to find the right resources. People come to you for advice or directions on where […]

The No-Nonsense Health Pro’s Guide to Anti-Inflammatory Diets

You’ve heard how health issues related to chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on the human body, and have likely wondered whether diet can really be the key to reducing inflammation. You obviously don’t want aches and pains or the chronic conditions and diseases linked with inflammation but how much will an anti-inflammatory diet really help? […]

Types of Preventive Care: 8 Proactive Ways to Ward Off Health Problems

  One troubling fact about healthcare in America is that many people receive the majority of their care in an emergency room. For a variety of social, financial and environmental reasons, large portions of our population put off receiving medical care until their health is in crisis. Often, these emergency visits could have been prevented […]

The Rise of Workplace Wellness: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

It seems like everywhere you go you run into health-conscious folks. Whether it’s your coworker talking about the latest superfood craze, the seemingly always jogging neighbor on your block or your friend talking about their experimentation with mindfulness exercises, it’s easy to see how maintaining health is a priority for many. This prioritization of health […]