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Online memberships

Our online and motivational workouts are design to put you in shape and good health without you having to pay an arm and a leg for it. There are hundreds of workout videos for you to choose from. ($9.99 per month)

This nutrition and online workout package is base on your own lifestyle or mood and our trainers are here to encourage and help you make your exercises a habit until it becomes an apart of your daily routine. ($19.99 per month)

Our all-inclusive online membership package includes a nutrition program, online training classes and hundreds of exercise videos along with a personal coach to help you to your desired fitness, look or shape. ($24.99 per month)

Personal Training Memberships

Our online personal trainer’s covers most develop countries around the globe. If you are not motivated or if you want to increase your workout routine, or just simply need motivation and techniques, then this package is just for you. ($39.99 per month)

Not feeling like working out online? Our local personal trainers are qualified and vetted so that you can have peace of mind that you’re booking the best. We cover more than 50 countries around the globe and counting. ($69.99 per session)

Simply put, this is our exclusive package. If you need a personal trainer for a day, week or months at a time, we have the perfect solution. We can customise our plan to suit the request of our clients worldwide.

Pay as you go membership

Not feeling like joining up to a membership? No problem. You can book a class or a session that suit you at that very moment. With hundreds of videos, classes, exercises to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice.($4.99 one of charges)

Our pay as you go master classes give you the choice of choosing which class you want to attend. The down fall to this is that these classes are always fully booked from the minute we announce a date.

Our pay as you go fitness classes give you more variety and choices, to choose which class you would like to attend. The down fall to this is that these classes are always fully booked from the minute we announce a date.

Booking Master Classes

Our online master classes are ideal if you want a challenging workout on the go. You can access various classes from our archive or live classes. This is also an option when all tickets or booking are full.

Our local master classes are ideal if you are looking for a challenge and good company. You can access various classes from our master booking page. Train with fun and encouraging coaches who will help make exercising a community event.

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