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Fitness Classes

The fitness scene around the globe is changing and 2020 is the perfect opportunity to explore challenging yourself, with an entirely new workout. Our theme for 2020 is “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life”. We have FREE and Paid classes in more than 50 countries worldwide, so mixing up your workouts will be easy. All our classes are LIVE and ranges from; bum & tums, cardio classes, trampoline classes, reformer palates, on the beach classes and many more. We provide health and dietary services, worldwide bookings, online workouts, corporate membership, special classes and personal training. – Explore and book a session with us and come alive.

Special Classes

This is in effect classes design to help those recovering from an injury, people with disability or people with special needs. Our motto in saying, “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life” includes everyone who wants to make that effort. We have online classes, one to one classes, group classes, all spread around the globe for everyone to get involved. All you have to do is make the effort and we will motivate and strengthen you. Our instructors are fully qualified to teach and you can join our classes from the comfort of your home. Explore more about our special needs classes below and open a new world of activity.

Master Classes

This is one of our most popular services. In most cases we will have celebrities and special guess joining your workout sessions. With 60 -70 minutes of none stopping, body strengthening, noise making and motivated instructors and good music, we will get the blood pumping. Our master classes or live and usually comprises of about 50 -200 people and up to three instructors per session. Our classes are kept worldwide, from the UK, to the USA, Australia, Japan, China, and Europe. Our Master classes comprises of many culture and race, signalling the unity showing that “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life”.

Food Dietary

We can introduce you to a million ways to keep fit and healthy, because that’s what we do. However, without the right food, you may not be able to keep up and there goes your healthy life style. As per our motto “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life”, this also includes our food planning services. Most of our memberships include you getting a custom dietary plan along with your memberships. To formulate a dietary plan capable of assisting you in keeping your health going, we have constructed a simple process all of which is free within your chosen membership.

OAP Memberships

As usual, we leave no one behind. When you go into retirement, it’s not to die, it’s to live again and enjoy your hard work. All those years you had something to do and when you retire that daily life disappeared and you start to lose muscle mass, energy and motivation. Our old age pension classes are design to build on what you’ve got and to create new friendship, remembering that “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life”. We have many classes running throughout the globe daily, and all our instructors or qualified and motivated in getting you whipped back into shape. Explore one of our many classes and see the enjoyment that’s awaiting you.

Online Memberships

The demand for our online classes is growing at a rapid pace, not that we are complaining; but it is showing the intensity of how great the prospect of people wanting to keep themselves healthy, is now of great concerns. When we started on “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life “campaign, we are trying to encourage people to keep healthy and to respect their lives. We have a global presence and many free and paid classes. Starting at just $1 and with 00’s of specially design live workout videos and growing, explore our online membership and take us where ever you go, as a reminder of life.

Corporate Membership

Many organisations around the globe, find it easier to get their clients or staff involved in our “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life” campaign. They also will find that, with our help, the numbering of their staff going on sick leave, from work, will also fall. Our rehabilitation and online classes will also inspired organisations employees to get back to work faster and healthier than before. Should you consider your organisation possession as one who is in need of this service and need more advice about our corporate plans, why not contact us and speak to one of our corporate membership officers.


Personal Training

We have a diverse range of personal trainers located around the globe. Our personal trainers specialises in various aspect of exercise techniques. They have been working hard towards our campaign: “You’re Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life,” to keep you healthy and with very good results. All our personal training session is live and you get to book your own session, time and date at your own convenience. The next time you’re looking for personal trainers, explore our instructors via regions, prices and qualifications and get trained by the best. All your sessions will be booked through us, so that we can monitor your results.


Health Consultation

Our health section looks on various ways we can use natural remedies and exercises to increase your energy, body conditions, muscle growth and stamina. We have partnership with several organisations and specialist individuals who are qualified and have more than a decade in their fields, to bring you good advice. This service is free to all members in keeping with our dedication that “Your Health Doesn’t Have to Cost You, Your Life”. Next time you want to discuss your health, why not speak to one of our advisers, by completing the online form and one of our experts will contact you at a suitable time.