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Subscription Services I’m Loving During Lockdown

Hands up if you’ve successfully locked in an online supermarket delivery slot?

If your hand is currently raised, you’re doing better than me. After sitting in the Ocado queue for 2+hrs, only for the website to crash when I finally got to number 1…(and trying other websites too whilst Tom and I were in our 7/14 day quarantine), I gave up and looked more small scale.

With all but essential shops shut here in the UK, many of us are looking for deliveries to fulfil our shopping needs (both essential, and less essential!) Personally I’ve done big book orders (have you checked out my 100 books to read during lockdown?), looked at a lot of garden furniture and started/restarted a couple of regular subscriptions…

Subscription Services I’m Loving During Lockdown

Milk & More

I had been thinking about having milk delivered by a milkman in reusable glass bottles for a while. They are slightly pricier than getting it from the supermarket but I think the benefits outweighs the slight cost increase. They also sell non-dairy milks however these aren’t in glass bottles…yet! We’ve also added juice to our list (which also comes in glass bottles) and although I had a little mishap and accidentally over ordered juice our first few weeks, I’ve now got the hang of it. This is ideal right now for those self-isolating. They also usually do fruit and veg boxes, breakfast sets, fresh bread, eggs, choccies etc although stock of those items is very limited currently. However, once supplies increase, I am hoping to put in regular orders to reduce our plastic consumption and limit extra trips out to the shops.

milk and more delivery and subscription services

Freddie’s Flowers

Originally I paused our subscription to Freddie’s Flowers to save money during this time of financial uncertainty (although I’m still getting my full salary as I continue to work full time at the hospital, much of my blog/instagram income has gone, and my husband is on a month of unpaid leave). However, we’re spending so much time in the house, that the extra brightness we get from the flowers is well worth it in my opinion, we just dropped to twice monthly deliveries rather than every week. To be honest, they last so well that the flowers are good for at least 2 weeks.

I love the big, bold bouquets and it definitely has taught me more about flowers, it’s fun to experiment with different styles and colours than I would usually pick myself. Although I’m also filling our house with the £1 bunches of daffodils from the supermarket too.

The code CharloF83 gets you a free bunch of flowers if you sign up.

You can always cancel after that freebie box, think of it as a chance to add some colour to your home this week! (*full disclosure, if you use the code it gives me a 50% discount on a bunch)

Stitch Fix

Whilst I haven’t been overly successful with my ‘fixes’ – I spent some time this weekend creating a Pinterest moodboard and have high hopes for future boxes. During this time when we can’t go out shopping, its fun to have someone pick some pieces for you, style some outfits and have a trying on session at home.

This link gets you £15 off your first ‘fix’ if you want to give it a try! (*full disclosure, it also gives me a £15 credit for my next fix)

I’ve asked for more fun work/casual pieces for my upcoming stitch, with some coloured trousers, cute tops and fun skirts in my next fix. Read my full review of my Stitch Fix experience here.

my experience of stitch fix

Fruit & Veg Boxes

Our local catering supplier has started doing Fruit & Veg boxes for individual households at very affordable prices, with free delivery for those self-isolating. Unfortunately they each include 2kg of potatoes which we just would not finish each week, however they do also allow you to ‘pick your own’ and make up a box with their fresh fruit, veg, eggs, milk and bread too.

New Covent Garden also have a long list of supplies and traders that previously have stocked restaurants, hotels and catering companies, but that are now open for delivery to individuals. Have a look at this extensive list…
Wine and Gin Clubs

I know I’m not the only one whose at hone alcohol consumption has increased massively (there were shortages of wine in supermarkets in London and the selection at our local shop definitely dwindled).
Cocktail Box

I love the idea of these one-off or regular cocktails box deliveries…although how can I get them to put in a Marg every week!? They also have a whole list of recipes on the website if you want to just create a Zoom cocktail night!
Craft Gin Club

There are actually a couple of Gin subscriptions, (I haven’t tried any of them but they sound great!) This box gets a full bottle of gin, mixers and snacks for £28, whilst ILoveGin provides two mini bottles and two mixers for just £14 per month.

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