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These Are the Effects of Tear Gas on the Human Body

Demonstrating American law; the first solution is as simple as that. Then, after the death of George Floyd on May 25, and many others over the years, organized protests around the globe, with large groups of people gathered in rural areas and cities.

During many demonstrations and protests that were peaceful (or classified as such), many quickly became dangerous, and law enforcement officers met with protesters and retaliatory terrorists, rubber bullets, and guerrillas. Tea gas, an alternative speed representative (RCA), has also been used to try to crush the mob.

The truth is that most of us will never experience the effects of the spirit of tearing, but it is still important to know that a chemical can affect the human body and its effects. if you find yourself in this situation. We asked physicians with high risk of tear gas, what injuries are associated with this substance, and what to do immediately after exposure.


What exactly is tear gas?

Riot control agents, in turn, are a technical term for tear gas, which can be liquid or solid powders and include a number of chemicals, the most common, according to the CDC, are Chloroacetophenone (Agent CN) and Chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (Agent CS. Another chemical compound, agent OC (ores). capscium), better known as purple dye, as well as its synthetic PAVA, is also found in the tear group, according to the chart of the US Civil Liberties Union, based on data from a 2016 statement by the Doctors of Human Rights (PHR) and the International Network of Civil Liberties Organization (INCLO) .

It is important to note that OC or PAVA agents and CS agents are not used for the same purpose and target different immune systems. The OC agent, often used as your immune system, attaches to pain by warming the tissues in the body, causing sensations such as burning and severe pain. The OC agent is fat and can also penetrate the skin and penetrate the root mucous membrane.

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Mainly used during the demonstration for the purpose of general control, the CS Agent dissolves in a painful acidic fluid when it comes in contact with water, sweat, or oil on the skin. or human mucous membranes, according to the ACLU. CS agent is a true white solid powder mixed with the solvent, which is then returned, burned, or evaporated to circulate in the air.

Again, and certainly not without, tear gas was banned from the war, along with other chemical weapons, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). As such, the use of the RCA in enforcing the law is still prohibited.

What effect does tear gas have on the body?

According to the CDC, the tear gas looks on the eyes, throat, mouth, skin, and lungs, and is designed to work quickly, causing discomfort “within seconds after exposure.”

“The first thing that happens [after the show] is that his eyes are torn and very painful,” said Diane Calello, MD, assistant director and physician at the New Jersey Poison Center and an associate professor of emergency medicine at Rutgers. New Jersey Medical School, says Salud. In addition, tear gas can cause runny nose, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest, flow, shortness of breath, bruising and burning of skin, nausea, vomiting, and a feeling of rising, according to the CDC. And because they are often airborne, the respiratory system can be particularly painful for those with lung or respiratory syndrome asthma.

As such, it is not simply being exposed to something that can actually harm the body. “The biggest threat is the cartridge itself that looks like a hole,” says Ian Wittman, MD, chief medical examiner at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Wittman adds that these can move quickly and if a tear tear hits your eye, it can cause eyesight, which can cause blindness or loss of eyesight.

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